Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Not Far Now!!

Hello 8O:

Not far now 8O, I now you have been working hard lately, well done! Let's make sure we keep it going for one more week! Putting in the hard work now will make year end, and transition to Grade 9 at VCI much easier - I promise!!

Finish Strong!
Mr. Keown

Monday, April 25, 2011

Back To School

Hi everyone, I will be at school tomorrow. I had a really good day at school on Thursday and thanks to everyone who helped me around the school ( Candace ) and thanks Mr. Oldcorn for visiting me ! and Kacee for my bunny and card. Nicole, the fruit basket is all gone and thanks for staying 1 night with me. It was really boring in the hospital I was there for about 7 days, I fainted 2 times, I had 3 IV's, I had antibiotics that took 2 hours to go through every 8 hours. I had blood taken 3 times but it was all worth it because I missed 2 days of school !! it's also worth it because now I'm all better and my foot is back to it's normal size ! Thanks to the nurses. I can't wait to see everyone.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Writing Prompts

Number one:
My legs were beginning to cramp as I sat motionless in my hiding place. I tried to slow my breathing, but I could hear my heartbeat drumming in my ears. I wondered if it could be heard in the deafening silence. I felt my calf muscle tighten painfully and as a reaction, I shifted my weight. The sound echoed and it was my fatal mistake…

Number two:
Sam felt the sun shining down on his shoulders while he sat happily by the stream. It was a perfect sunny day and luckily he was spending it with Sarah. Then, all at once Sarah pointed at the water. “Look Sam!” Sarah exclaimed. “It is a…”

Number three:
Write a story in which the main character accidentally sends a text message that was meant for another person.

Number four:
I thought I’d never see him/her again, but here he/she was….

…and you thought dragons didn’t exist

These prompts are borrowed from


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mathletics by Alex

Hi Mr. O I am number 31 on the top 100 students in Canada. It is kinda cool I have 1598 points.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Poetry Slam 2011

My job for the 2011 poetry slam was music. My job required for me to be ready all the time to play music for the next speaker. I had to find music for the speakers that they would want to have played for them. The music I chose also had to be appropriate and be something that would keep the audience’s attention. It meant that I had to keep good tunes going the entire time and be prepared for the next speaker. It meant that people relied on me for their music. Being a music man felt like I ran the whole show! I was a DJ and I had freedom.

Poetry Slam

My job for the poetry slam was buying food and drinks, I thought I did a good job because everyone liked the selections that I bought. From what I saw the poetry slam went pretty good, everyone was having fun and enjoyed themselves. Everyone looked really good when they were all dressed up! and the music was pretty good


Poetry Slam

To be an MC it took alot of brainstorming for nicknames and other things. To be a MC it meant that I would have to make nicknames at library class. To me being an MC felt okay because you had do it well or not do it at all.

ELA Slam

I thought the Poetry Slam was awesome, everyone got a chance to say their poem and have some fun. I think I pick the best job out of all if them. I was a Interviewer, who took the people out of the room and ask them questions. I thought this was the best job because you could really have fun with it. I thought the competitions in the intermissions was a great idea. Those competitions were probably the highlight of the Poetry Slam. I think the Poetry Slam was awesome and we should do it again.


ELA Slam!

Poetry Slam was a success in room 107 which combined with Mr.Wilson's class of 109. It twas the first and the only Poetry Slam of 2011.There were 4 M.C's (Carter Routledge, Wyatt Wilson, Kyle Braybrook, and Mackenzie Wooldridge). There was everything from dance compositions to cracker eating to singing. It was a slam!. The first person to say there poem was Colin Bender; who wrote a touching poem called the "Colin Bender Love Project", it cought the heart of veiwers. Ashley Blackshaw whent of the ordinary saying 3 poems instead 2, one which she wrote her very self which